Friday, April 3, 2009

Big News For My Downline

I just went to see a direct sales motivational speaker on leadership and let me tell you- I'm motivated! I have come home with a ton of ideas! Look for a big announcement on Sunday- I just wanted to build up some anticipation!

To those of you who aren't in my downline- you should come join us! Right now is a fantastic time to join as Stampin Up is offering a great payment plan promotion. You can pay 3 equal installments over the next 3 months to get your kit or you can order the whole kit at once- whatever is better for you. This is a fantastic way to either pay for your habit and even earn some extra income. The average workshop will earn you $200- who couldn't use that.

And to sweeten the deal I will throw in a punch of your choice as a thank you. For more information please email me

And to my downline- all will be unveiled on Sunday

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